To raise offspring is a wonderful thing to do, that is always been shown in the advertisements by diaper producers, there happy family’s play together and baby’s just dressed in their diaper crawling, walking happily around. Yes, it is for a parent a happy moment if the Baby is wearing the Diaper finally after it took some time to manage putting it on against the will of the own offspring. The advertisement also always shows these super clean and well-dressed parents and baby’s, which has nothing to do with real live, since it would be inconvenient to run and crawl after a baby in these clothes, secondly after feeding, cleaning and playing, the baby and the parents are not capable to look like that, except someone else is taking care of all that instead of the parents. Parents in that stage with a small baby which started crawling standing up pulling things from shelves and protesting or start talking, wish sometimes the time back of the new-born, there the baby could just been put somewhere and it stayed there, because it could not move and you could adjust your timetable to what is coming.

We are quite unique, since in our human society, we cannot wait, till our offspring can walk and talk and right after they do so, we want them to sit down and shut up.

If parenting is so difficult and with so much work involved, why are we still having them? We are in most cases happily pregnant or fifty percentages of us at least, even with all difficulties our body sends out a lot of dopamine, or other ways we would not be happy at all with all the pain and restrictions all of a sudden in our lives. We love and take care of our offspring because they are a copy of us, and this mind-set decides of the faith of the offspring. If this is turned on, we will raise, protect our children and even would put ourselves behind, if it’s necessary.

This is important for our species, since our Offspring is not capable for long time to take care of themselves and survive by themselves, that is why two people are needed for raising one human child, because one of them always have to take care of all the other things while one is hundred percent busy with the offspring. But mother nature has invented to the sometimes appearing good night sleep an extra nap time in the middle of the day, that is very thoughtful so that the parents can also recharge in the meantime or prepare for the next halftime of the day and if they are very lucky, they can rest as well or do something for their own, like having a shower going to the Restroom, eat or what ether they cannot or could not do since the offspring has arisen.

Problem in this is, that most parents miscalculate the time they have available to do things, and it feels shorter than it actually is and the offspring also used the time to recharge the battery and is fully loaded, ready to discover the world and keep his or her environment busy and active.

There are no lazy parents with an small infant in this world, because even if they try, they have no chance to be lazy, parents know that the smallest dictatorships are in family’s with offspring. Kids would later in their becoming teenager time start to rebel and protest against this totalitarian system at home and try to make the Government surrender which in many cases happen. The interesting part here is that these rebels come just a few years later back to ask their government to support them in their plans. Since families are the most generous dictatorships in the world, they grant in most cases the demanded support. You can say that families are the oldest social System in our world and without them many of us would not survive or have achieved what we are today, our offspring and we ourselves should be reminded of that.

Since I pointed out in a bit negative way how it is to raise children as humans, maybe we ought to really ask ourselves again, why do we do that and some parents would answer especially mothers, that they just smile at you or handcraft, draw something for you and all is fine and there is nothing greater in this world. Yes, thanks to Mother Nature and vasopressin, oxytocin as well as dopamine this is possible.

Animals raise children and reproduce only cause their instinct of Mother Nature tells them and raise the children till they can live on their own, but not all animals do that as we know, since some live in herds or packs till the end of their lives together as we do too. So our family and relative society is similar to the one in the animal world, just that we create more issues than animals ever can think of, thanks to or so more “advanced” brain. This evolutional development of the social caring of a family gave us Humans, paired with a more developed brain and capability’s, to stand out of the other animals and climb on the head of the letter, even with a more fragile body than a Tiger or bear, because we stick together and formed bounds with the other families, the pack hunting and working together made us come forward a lot, that would be maybe a good example and reminder in our modern world in there we still fight against each other and everyone tries to do it all by himself instead of working together with others which would lead to faster success for all of us. Instead of acting like they want to work together.

Here an advice for future parents to buy technical equipment; if you don’t want that your freezer melts down, or your house burns down; buy all items with buttons easy to press on top of the machine! Remember if they start walking, you start running.

Shape Control via Beer

No this is not a Beer Diet Article. This Article is about the old, always repeating problem after drinking a few Beer, and then women appearing in front of you, either a few meters away from you or right next to you, be very careful with these ones, they want something for sure.

But how to make sure the woman you target, or targets you is the right one or wrong one, simply to say if she has a good or bad shape while your vision is not aware of the reality anymore, you will get to know now an emergency aid, which works under the influence of alcohol and is always available in these moments. The Beer Bottle.

Many women do not understand why their man prefers to have a bottle of beer over them. It is simply because the beer bottle got a better shape.
What you need: First of all have a beer bottle in front of you, have at least two meter distance to the targeted lady. Get the Beer bottle exactly overlapped with the lady, target with one eye closed, put your tongue out for more accuracy while targeting like with a rifle, she fits into the bottle, perfect. Get your Genie with the bottle.

If you have too much difficulty to get the Lady exactly overlapped with the beer bottle, the reason could be that you are too close, you are too full already, she is moving too much and you hardly can follow her with the bottle (in most cases check your own movement and equal it by the volume of alcohol you drank so far, the result is clear, it’s not her, it’s you. Try to hold with two hands!), she is not fitting in the bottle shape no matter how hard you try? (Check the Beer bottle shape, do you have not just the beer you like, also the shape you like?)
If you need to get a much bigger bottle and she fits well in, your choice.

If you are a fan of beer with a short neck and a huge bottom, here we go, if you like beer bottles with a long neck and slim body, nice.
If you usually drink out of a barrel, forget it!
Please remember, don’t use a glass or barrel!

So start already your first drink with the shape you want to go for tonight, to avoid surprises with unwanted shape shifters!

Lately I had some Crisps with a beer flavor from a brand I like to drink, but not really tasted like that, more like BBQ flavor. I just wonder then the first condoms will come out with my favorite beer flavor, but actually no use, since I am not gay. So if there are nay condom or beer producers out there to get them into the market with a beer flavor, take some women beer, so the lady’s will also enjoy it!
I hope this little article got you some aid tool along for the next party or bar night, if you drink with your favorite beer bottle shape and the woman in front of you seems like not want to fit in, it’s your wife and you drank at home!

The Restroom

The Restroom is according to dictionary a public toilet with a lot of traffic, and in the Philippines they call it comfort room which I believe suits it even better. Because the word toilet doesn’t really express the use of the room for most married or parents.
The Restroom is the comfort zone in which married man or parents can be by themselves and rest and be comfortably in peace. This is a holy place. No disturbance please.
But there are implications who are trying to disturb this holy zone, like female partners who believe that it is not necessary anymore to look the door, and even go that far that the sharing the room while one is sitting to brush the teeth at the same time. If you really believe that you get closer to each other in a relationship then you see and smell each other in such situations, please see a specialist!
We can do the doggy style together but not acting like dogs smelling each other at the buttocks. But I heard that there are people who like that kind of stuff, but more to that in a later article.
So one more time to the Ladies and Softies: Keep the lock for the Restroom if you want a harmonic Relationship! There are things which do not need to be shared with each other.
Parents can rescue themselves into the restroom, for some safety and peace of their offspring, which is knocking at the restroom door. But much better than sitting there and small eyes looking curious at you.
But there is another disturbance from the commercial site. Talking toilets, toilette paper with advertisements or poems or pictures and different structures. But it’s getting worse. Lately I had to stop at a Diner next to the Highway and went to the restroom. To enter I had to pay, okay bad enough, but when I arrived in the male restroom and got in position and my mind and body got ready for releasing all the pressure to reach the total relaxation comfort feeling; someone started talking to me. A female voice underlined with waterfall music saying via a speaker somewhere close to my ear: “Welcome at ….. Your friendly toilet, who gives you clean comfort in a unforgettable environment for the special moment.” Okay…All comfort in me was gone. If there is a place and moment you don’t want to talk or being talked to its there. There are some things and businesses who do not need to invest in Marketing Campaigns, a Restroom Facility is one of them. They should change that. How about a social media shit storm on the Marketing Restroom facilities? To add oil into this, the same female voice spoke to me again, when I wanted to leave the Restroom and said: “Thank you for visiting our Toilette Facility, we hope to see you soon again!”
Are there also cameras? Are that not just sensors? I don’t want to be seen in the Restroom. I just ask myself what comes next.
The Restroom Attendant will great you with a handshake and guide you to the point of destination, helps to hold it for you or wipes you after? I think hanging advertisements in Restrooms are okay for me, something to read or look at if you have the tunnel view. But no more. No music, no attendance waiting for you with a towel or anything else and especially don’t talk to me. The Restroom should be the silent Restroom like a small chapel just more private. The last place on earth to be for yourself. It needs to be protected and be written in the Code of Conduct with a worldwide scope.
By the way which Product, Brand and company wants to be doing advertisement in this environment?
Rescue the Restroom privacy. Anyway there is nothing nice to listen or see.

How big should he be and why do we care?

Men are very concerned about the length of their penis; women on the other side hardly compare the depth or size of their vagina, but the size of their breasts, but not as much as men.
So what can men do to enlarge their Penis to feel more comfortable with them and their best piece? They also can do Surgeries there they can gain 2 centimeter in not erected state. Actually the enlargement is not an actual enlargement since just the suspension is been cut so that it dangles further down. It was always there just hidden a bit, like most things of a man. Other options with some mechanical instruments has not stand any scientifically test and so far has not created any enlargement in pulling the little one like on a stretch bank. Also Crèmes do not create any enlargement like crèmes do not erase any wrinkles of the Skin, dearest ladies, anyway if I say it or not women will still use crèmes and men will still try to enlarge their phallus. There is more behind then just the simple comparing between men and be the strongest and the biggest “ARRRGHH, ARRRGHH!” A study showed that after patients woke up out of coma and been told they had a bad accident, women asked after their Husband, Kids and so on, while men fist checked how their Phallus is, and if he is still there and greeting them, they already more relaxed. The Phallus of a man is what defines him as one and the reason of his existents. He is the one who helps mankind to continue with his Phallus, without Phallus he is just like a Management Consultants, Eunuchs, they know how to do it……
What is a woman without Breast, but at least still have a vagina? She is still functional, and there a quite a few existing. Some bad men call them Nipple boards, but a man without his Phallus is useless, maybe useable to carry the heavy shopping bags or for a difficult to open glass or bottle. Also which woman seriously wants a man without Balls and a Phallus? If so they can also have another woman to talk to.
So we know now that the Phallus defines the man, but what is about the size, how important is that. Most men would enlarge their Phallus if they could, no matter which size they have, but is bigger or longer really better? The Fact is that the average male Phallus of a human is 7.5 centimeter long while not erected and 15 centimeters in erected status and can reach in most cases up to 20 centimeters erected if well stimulated. If the women are asked if they are satisfied with the size of their partners Phallus, they answered that they are, still men are keen to have a big one, that’s why Clothes and especially condoms should be only sold in the sizes who are excepted by men, that would be; Huge, Wow and Unbelievable and the Ego of a man is satisfied. Seriously, which guy would buy in Seven Eleven a condom which is in Size S?
So Ladies, if you want to have a happy male partner, next time when you two or three or how many you usually are in the private moment, tell him that his one is the biggest and you like to feel his Big one in you. Trust me he will jump for joy and he will do the Dishes even for a week.
Yes, men can be so simply made happy, it’s the same with you ladies, just a nice kind word at the right moment and you blossom as well.
But like for you Ladies, don’t overdo it cause men are very sensitive about this point and if they feel you don’t mean it or joke around and you had it then.
So but what is the right size, is average good enough? It depends also of the women, some petit women, would have pain if he is too long for them, even if his one is average Size. He is too long for her if you hear from her:”Autsch”! To make a woman feel good it is not just the length it’s also the thickness, and this also again depends on the women’s Anatomy, if she is more tight, she needs a thinner one and its fine, if she is more wider down there, she needs a hammer. It’s no use if you put a thin chopstick in the vagina of a woman does not stimulate her enough, and the man as well.
So length is not the main point, also not just the Phallus. Women are emotional and need to be stimulated mentally and physically and not just Mouth, breasts, Vagina. For a Fumble okay, but the most important organ to stimulate for a women is between her ears. If you as a man are unsure of your Equipment, stimulate her first with other ways, and she will not feel that anything is missing.
A Great Phallus does not generate an orgasm for a woman. A women does not always have an orgasm, that’s normal, so no worry, but if she wants had one, check the position remember what you did and when you did it and make notes, because her body does that as well. Most women get the orgasm in the same position as they got it before; because that is the position and comfort she can get it. Don’t lose it! If you can manage that you will be the King and she will praise you forever.
Women wonder sometimes what does a men attract more nice rack or a nice ass. To make it short and simple, Breasts or Ass does not matter as longest the man has something to hold onto. Men are like babies, always need to touch and grab something, as longest is soft, squeezable, pull able, bitable or likable. Men are just big babies who love to play. So let them! They just want to play. It does not matter what you can offer, as longest he can play with it and you let him, more does a man not need, compare to a woman is a man very easy to satisfy. The women can relax and lay down as usual and let him do the action, he will after that be finished and tired and fall asleep, while you can do read your magazines in peace or watch your favorite soap without comments from the side, like: ‘Why again Cancer? How come he heals so fast after he was already dead?” They all have no problems and seems like don’t need to work” and so on.

Equal Rights for Women?!

Since the change of the 19th century women fight for equal rights with the men, and compare to these times with today they really achieved a lot, with every new Generation women are having not just equal rights with the men, they also have more benefits and rights then the men. Women get Discount on Drinks, Entrance Fees, a quota for how many women have to be on the board of a company and have a woman as representative to watch that their right being not abused. Dirty Peter says yes, more woman on Top position.
Why did it come to this, men who behave like men are getting punished and a woman have to be taken instead of a man for a job, because she is a woman. What about qualification? Do women really want to be taken a position just because law says so? Now it’s time for a woman in this position and that’s why you get it and the men are out. Equal means fair in my eyes and that also means that not the Gender is the reason to be in a particular position, even while sexual intercourse we change the position towards our ability and likes, so what is the issue with these special treatments for women? There is everywhere Ladies Nights, with free or discounted Drinks for women. If men get pissed it’s already nothing nice to look at, but if women getting drunk, it is even worse, and you can only make sure that you are fast enough out of reach, before they grab you. Men are hunter by nature but there they are the hunted, but compare to men who hunts alone or maybe with a friend who in most cases will be left alone if one succeed, women hunt in packs, in Lady Packs. Lady Packs on Lady Nights in bars with free drinks are the pure horror to watch, because with every glass of wine or cocktail the Ladies get more ambitioned and start to tease the men, who have to pay for their drink. Here a typical situation on a Ladies Night, five Ladies go together drinking and chatting and giggling with every glass more, like some herd of wild chicken. Still some brave men approach them, if not alone men come with one or two more friends, here now two brave guys approaching the group of wild Ladies, already knowing to be outnumbered they are going to battle, and it will be one, because the Ladies are up to have fun, which is not the same as having fun for men. They just want to drink, dance, and tease some men without having sexual intercourse, that’s why they are in the group of five to make sure everyone comes home safely while drunk like ten Russians. The two guys approach and the Ladies welcome them and chat with them all kind of stuff, if it comes to drinks now the big change is coming; the two guys make the mistake you should not do on a Ladies Night, offer the Ladies to buy them something to drink. Guys, the Ladies drink for free, why to change it, you will not get into their pants tonight without knocking out all her other four friends, and no also all five you cannot take home, that is unlikely and pure stress, having a bunch of drunken girls at your place, that’s like babysitting a bunch of small children, and if you think you secured one, the other ones doing some rubbish already again. Plus to be mention the physical ability needed to wipe away all the vomit after they got one after the other Sea sick in your Bedroom.
But back to the drinks! Don’t offer to buy them drinks then they are free, since to be Gentlemen and get laid on an over day after exchanging telephone numbers, it will not change anything, just be nice and show a particular Lady that she is in your eyes tonight more special than the others, and hope it works, but more to this in a other chapter. Don’t be more drunk than the Ladies, or it will be a night you won’t remember. Always keep in your mind that this is not the time to attack, next time or after 100 Days in some areas or in bad cases after wedding, but this is the worst thing you can do, it’s like buying a car without test drive, but at this point some ladies would say: “Hey, not everyone can drive a Ferrari but everyone would like to have one.” Here I would point out that this is in some way true, even if I prefer to have a Porsche than a Ferrari, but that’s a point of personal likes. But I talk about the General Automobile market, and there it’s all about price, Horsepower, comfort and extras, like choosing an average Lady.
Secondly I would like to say that the Group of Ladies always works a similar way, one looks more attractive than the other, but only for a reason, the main Girl who looks so shiny in the Group, looks only so attractive cause she surrounds herself with female friends who are less attractive and do not steal her the show. So each Lady in the group is a downgrade of the leading one who alone is not that attractive, to keep the example in the automobile industry; many people buy a small car and they buy a Porsche, BMW or Mercedes Key Chain or put a Sticker on the Car, but that does not make out of a Volvo a Porsche. Same for the Ladies here, just having the same dress like Jennifer Lopez, does not mean that it looks as good on you or make you similar attractive.

That is so unfair again that actually it is time for the men to go and protest and fight for their rights now. Men should claim for a Quota that minimum forty percent of drunk on a Ladies night should be male; I believe that this is an achievable target from male perspective.
From my humble point of view are most Female activist today use the Equal rights and hitting on men for everything what is not going fine in this world, became an excuse for their existence and that they mostly have no man themselves, and if they have, poor guy. Most of the Female Activists are also in most cases not the most attractive Females and refused to wear Bra’s, since they believe that this is against the freedom of women. But what their freedom does to the environment around them is torture and creates nightmares.
Anyway, why do women want to be equal to men, if men are in their eyes all as bad as they say? Why become the same Level, rather stay on this higher moral Level as a woman, or not? Why to downgrade, upgrading is what is wanted today.
Some Female Activist just are too extreme for my taste, and it seems to me that they just ask for things, because the men have it to, like the other Friend of her got a new Hand Bag or Diamond Ring with 2 Carat, so she also have to have one or better or bigger. That’s kind of childish, because it is a fact that many jobs or rights fought through are hardly been used by women, most of the women still rather go for what they usually used to go for if it comes to jobs and also interest. Yes, women should have the same rights and possibility’s like every Human to do what they want to do, but the truth is that it’s like Kindergarten educator are still mostly women and if a man appears in the Kindergarten and is not super Handsome, he will be watched carefully by Female and Male parents, since there must be something wrong with this Guy.
Women do not have to fear that for taking any job, but men will be looked up and down if they take a job which is usually a Female Job in our Society mind. Is that not discrimination?
Men always welcome women in an old male dominated environment and are always willing to help and educate them with all their heart.
It all comes to the point that men have to watch that they keep their position or will be removed at some point. Jobs in the Future will be anyway done more and more by machines as we can see already, that trains in the subway do not need a Driver anymore, and in the Library you have no Lady with a Date Stamp closes the Book and gives with a short smile to you back and if you bring it back a few weeks later the same procedure. Now you have to hold the book like in the supermarket already over a Scanner and that’s it. No Human anymore. If we have Robots to send out to handle all the daily Stuff for us, while we have no job anymore cause we are not needed and these Androids become more and more Human, just better, You should not wonder coming one time Home, while the Robot is holding hand with your Wife and she is just saying to you: ”I always wanted to tell you, but he can do everything better with you and does not need a break in between, so you are not needed here anymore.”
We men should fight for our Rights, and fight the beginning of this movement, before we are all of a sudden not needed anymore!
But seriously what did the Equal Rights bring to women more, instead of having equal rights, women have actually more burden via the continuously work of the professional female activist.
Why do I say that, because today much more is asked from a woman today than before? The Woman today, has to have a good Education, Bachelor and better Master university Degree, make career (Management) and be independent, driving a car, marry before thirty years old, take care of Husband, Household, give birth to at least 1.3 Children, raise them and work at the same time, be always in Good Shape even after ABB (After Baby Body) and do not Age.
Wow, that is really amazing. Especially that there are people, even women, who are expecting that this is to be handled by the modern independent women, the starting till education you can discuss about, sure everyone should do as good and as much he can for more choices or to do later what he or she wants, but does really everyone need a master degree or university degree, or have to be in Management? No one seems to be interested to be just Clerk and live a peaceful live, everyone wants to be Boss and make him or herself stress, question is, if everyone is the Boss by title at least and the Company is full of Executives or Vice Presidents for Facility Management, even the Bus Driver is not a Bus driver anymore, he is now Bus Captain, the title may has changed, the work hasn’t.
In my research I found some people who make money with something so natural which gives so much of pressure to women. We expect that women are looking after giving birth to a Human Life, which is already a great job, which we should just bow in front of these women with deep respect, but what does our Society expect? We expect that the woman after giving Birth gets rid of her After Baby Body and looks like an underwear Model, even if she hasn’t looked like that before and that she is MILF, means Mom I like to fuck, right after giving birth.
First of all I hardly know any women after giving birth, who cannot think of something else than having sexual intercourse with the husband or anyone in this universe. Secondly these Terms (After Baby Body and MILF) are not inventions of me, that are terms from people who offer for money gymnastic Interactions, so that women look after that again as they never had a baby, which is from biological point of view a very interesting promise and of course that the participating woman cannot wait to jump on her husband or whoever is currently the one to receive this physical excitement. I think it’s very interesting that they advertise with the insult to all of the women who had just a Baby, that they look fat and ugly. Women who still go for that kind of marketing cannot ask to be called intelligent. Here some free Ideas how to get your body or better skin back in Shape: Do some Baby Yoga, together with your Baby, because, if you have finally time, means your baby is sleeping, you will be still busy for the next round preparing then the little one awake again, so best thing is to involve the baby, so you both can do something together and its good for you as well.
Next thing to strengthen your Skin after breastfeeding, while having a shower change the temperature from hot to cold and massage your skin and body like that, this will help in normal situations after giving birth. In other cases and if you are too unhappy consult your doctor!
Instead of being equal to men, women actually have today more burden than before, because they can maybe do all jobs and work and make career as much is possible, but they still have the old things to do as well. So to reach more equality towards men, would mean that women, can also come home from work, throw their stuff in the corner, put their hand in the panty and turn on the TV and ask for the Beer and food, while the husband is busy changing the Diaper and preparing Dinner, Ironing her Shirts and getting frustrated. Maybe this kind of change of duties, every second day as a start would maybe be than fair and reaches soon more understanding or fighting for more days, being not the one to do all the housework and taking care of the Offspring.
But I am sure, before that happens, the men will invent a Robot who will make it possible that men and women can be freely equal, so that both can come home put one hand in their panty at the same time in different rooms and watch their favorite TV Program, while the Robot prepares the five Star menu and reading a story to the offspring.
That would be the next step of comfort many Parents are longing for, and if they feel like spending time with the kids, they just play with them and take care of the nice points of having children.
In a way understandable for people raising children, but also at some point we will miss out and forget what it means and how to take care of children, or not?

How many Girlfriends did you have before me?

Memories are a good thing, if you don’t have to deal with the past. At some point of a so called relationship the above Headline will be thrown at the unprepared innocent man by his Girlfriend.
Firstly, why do women ask this question always? The reason is quite simple, they are still unsure about you, what kind of guy you are and if it’s the real you they see. Secondly they want to get a better judgement of you and of course how serious this relationship can be and how many efforts she should invest.
Women may ask at that point; “Why do men never ask this question first?”
Here the answer is also simple. No, the man is definitely interested how many Boyfriends you had before him, but mainly he cares for the moment, since this question is brought at a quite early stage of the relationship, while the man is still enjoying the benefits and needs longer as the woman to realize this is a relationship, so he will not ask yet.
But if a woman asks this question, the man will think to give an accurate number as reply and if holding hands or kissing counts at least half a point or touching and having sexual intercourse is definitely a full point, but how about a blowjob? Since this takes obviously some time, the woman will, before any answer from the man verbally has been given, since five seconds have been past already, look shocked at him and says: “So many?!”
The man tried to give a quick answer since he is afraid of losing the benefits of this “relationship”, so he will say a number over ten or more, because he thinks of the number he gives to his “buddy’s”. A huge Mistake. The next mistake follows right away, he asks her the same question back in the insane hope that now she is in trouble and he is out of it, or at least they are even. So wrong.
A woman will tell you a number under or till three maximum depending on her age five. You lost. How come that there are so many men having so much sexual practice but the women you met never has, that is not possible or? The reason is that women do not count one nightstands, blowjobs or any other fumble with a man or other woman. They only count “relationships”.
So how can a man this evil game?
Depending on your age as well, but do as the women do. Just say five or if you are just 18 or twenty say 2 or 3. Calculate a number that leaves since your fourteens or fifteens birthday has around every 3 to 5 years one Girlfriend, because that makes you look good, and a steady guy who doesn’t play around. Remember women want their boyfriend not like the Mr. Wrongs before, cause women and men are the same in one general thinking; before you find Mr. Right, you can have a lot of fun with Mr. Wrong. Same counts for men versus versa.
But if they have found Mr. or Mrs. Right, or believe they did at least, they would never admit to the other that they also had fun with the previous one or ones that are a healthy self-preserving respect to the partner, anything else would lead to a disaster.

The Female G-Spot

The first man, who discovered knowingly the female G-Spot, was Dr. Graefenberg in 1950. He was a German gynecologist who was living in the United States of America.
After he told his colleagues of his discovery, they’ve been laughing at him. You have to understand that at that time, the common believe of men was, to bring a woman to ecstasy is to be present or buy her a new pair of shoes. Last one is not to disregard till today.
The Female G-Spot leads men to confusion, because of different anatomy of women; the female G-Spot is to be found at different locations.
Either it is close to the entrance of the vagina or even till five centimeters deep in the vagina, with other words out of reach for some men.
So the man has to go and look for it every time new, except he knows the woman already.
The female G-Spot is activated after sexual stimulation, before that the female G-Spot is in sleeping Beauty mode, and would not cause any excitement for the women, no matter how much you rub or hammer against it.
So here the rule is also, first a lot of dopamine production (for the woman), with nice seducing words and soft and later maybe harder actions, and then it will work.

Woman love Casanovas
Women might say that they do not like Casanovas as a man, but the opposite is the truth.
Example from a field Test. A Party. A Guy comes in with a woman next to him, the other women at the party don’t look at the guy, and they screen and look at the woman next to him and judge the guy according to the appearance and impression of his escort.
Why do women do that? Because if a man is already tested by another proper appearing woman and trained for relationship, it’s easier than training a newcomer by yourself, without knowing the outcome and with bad luck the woman wasted her time since the guy cannot be trained according to her needs.
You also would prefer to take a trained successful racing horse, instead of trying to train an donkey to become a racing horse. Even if you manage it, you will be old and tired, since this donkey is quite stubborn sometimes. Same with the men.
That’s why they say in Germany: “On old horses you learn riding.”
But what does that help or tell the men? If you are a man who wanted be be more attractive to other women on a party, don’t go as single! Surround yourself with a young beautiful lady, which could be in relationship with you, like that the attention of other women is guaranteed. But don’t make the mistake and look like you want to escape from your Escort. Make it descent, exchange Name cards as you are doing business but with a slight more sympathy. Women are more sensitive like men and they understand an option for them and will take it at the time they want to accept it. Keep your Escort always close to you, let her talk with others like you have no worries and always take care of her well, because be reminded you are watched every second.
The Real action comes later for you if you meet one of the other lady’s later for a coffee or tea or others. Find reasons you can always fall back to if it does not work out on the meetings later, so that you always look like Mr. Nice Guy!
How many Girlfriends did you have before me?
Memories are a good thing, if you don’t have to deal with the past. At some point of a so called relationship the above Headline will be thrown at the unprepared innocent man by his Girlfriend.
Firstly, why do women ask this question always? The reason is quite simple, they are still unsure about you, what kind of guy you are and if it’s the real you they see. Secondly they want to get a better judgement of you and of course how serious this relationship can be and how many efforts she should invest.
Women may ask at that point; “Why do men never ask this question first?”
Here the answer is also simple. No, the man is definitely interested how many Boyfriends you had before him, but mainly he cares for the moment, since this question is brought at a quite early stage of the relationship, while the man is still enjoying the benefits and needs longer as the woman to realize this is a relationship, so he will not ask yet.
But if a woman asks this question, the man will think to give an accurate number as reply and if holding hands or kissing counts at least half a point or touching and having sexual intercourse is definitely a full point, but how about a blowjob? Since this takes obviously some time, the woman will, before any answer from the man verbally has been given, since five seconds have been past already, look shocked at him and says: “So many?!”
The man tried to give a quick answer since he is afraid of losing the benefits of this “relationship”, so he will say a number over ten or more, because he thinks of the number he gives to his “buddy’s”. A huge Mistake. The next mistake follows right away, he asks her the same question back in the insane hope that now she is in trouble and he is out of it, or at least they are even. So wrong.
A woman will tell you a number under or till three maximum depending on her age five. You lost. How come that there are so many men having so much sexual practice but the women you met never has, that is not possible or? The reason is that women do not count one nightstands, blowjobs or any other fumble with a man or other woman. They only count “relationships”.

So how can a man this evil game?
Depending on your age as well, but do as the women do. Just say five or if you are just 18 or twenty say 2 or 3. Calculate a number that leaves since your fourteens or fifteens birthday has around every 3 to 5 years one Girlfriend, because that makes you look good, and a steady guy who doesn’t play around. Remember women want their boyfriend not like the Mr. Wrongs before, cause women and men are the same in one general thinking; before you find Mr. Right, you can have a lot of fun with Mr. Wrong. Same counts for men versus versa.
But if they have found Mr. or Mrs. Right, or believe they did at least, they would never admit to the other that they also had fun with the previous one or ones that are a healthy self-preserving respect to the partner, anything else would lead to a disaster.


One third of all men kiss well. Another third is capable of learning. The rest is hopeless and should be ignored and left aside.
But what is a good kiss?
If you kiss to loud you produce too much liquid and waking up the parents. If you bite too hard or pressing the lips too much without stimulating enough dopamine, any further steps will end here already.
Most men believe that wild movement with the tongue in the mouth of the opposite is a great kiss. For a great technical correct tongue kiss seventeen muscles are needed. Who kiss a lot can live up to five years longer scientist have found out. So kiss for your life!
Who wants to live forever?
But why are we kissing actually? Today scientist believe that the kiss comes from the old mouth to mouth feeding another theory believes that kissing comes from the oral phase of the child back, which the satisfaction feeling be done via the mouth and of course we also have very sensitive nerves in our lips which also stimulates for more physical body contact. But in some cultures, they do not do the bacteria exchange for the immune system, like in the Arctic, they do the nose Kiss, which you can also see a lot with young lovers who are rubbing their noses at each other.
It’s not just the physical act, it’s also the sign and feeling to belong to someone, a group like a family, because we all know that kissing is just for the people we really like or love. A Prostitute in most cases will not let you kiss her on the mouth but she let you have sexual intercourse with her that means that we believe kissing is more important to us, even a small one, than giving someone our complete body to touch and get even inside.
But why do we also close our Eyes while we kiss each other? In some cases maybe not to see what is in front of us but that is actually a reflex, since if an object comes to close to our eyes we close them for protection reasons, also the senses are more concentrated on the actual kissing event without visual and the Brain can and have to concentrate only on these information. It is also not so nice if you look with open eyes the whole time over the shoulder of your partner or get a close up on his or her nose. If you have your eyes open or look somewhere else the other one will realize that, because you are not fully concentrated on what you should be, kissing her or him with tons of passion, and if you are a man and don’t try to run your hand all over the women while kissing her or at least trying, if you don’t do that, she might think you want to play good guy or you are not a man. So don´t disappoint her and run your hand in all possible areas!
Another big Issue is the first Kiss and what a man thinks and what the woman thinks before, while kissing and after. A woman has already thought about all possibilities of a relationship, Marriage Kids and which color the curtains should have in your new home together. A man just asks himself while kissing the Lady just one thing: Sex now, later or never? With a Kiss his hopes rise to get into the panty of the Lady, if he does not mess it up. Kissing for a man means checking borderlines, how far can I go, where am I permitted to touch?
The women is totally in charge in that matter, if and where else you are allowed to go. If she is really interested in fun for the night, she will go along, if she is not she will let you just kiss and hold her, all other areas are totally restricted and enter the zone will lead to termination of any possible sexual intercourse. How to figure that out, try one time carefully nicely and move down her waist and butt, if this is okay, half a point, the ultimate test is further higher on her body, go sideways along, not too direct, if that’s a go! Full points! Move her, if not already to a location with more comfort! But do not say, come on let’s do it or something like that, don’t make her look cheap or like you just want to use her for fun, the Ladies want to still feel special, no one wants to be a number. I mean that counts for a woman mainly exceptions are a rare case. For men it is only a matter, if they are in a serious relationship from their point of view, for fun they do not care of these Numbers, as longest it happens for them.
Kissing is the start of intimacy, so preserve it for that and don’t make it a cheap nothing, or measurements getting more difficult.
So best close your eyes, while kissing and only open them if you need them to open the complicated Locking system of her Bra!

Artificial Life

Artificial Life

We love to live healthy and want our food to be organic, which is already not matching, since all our food should be basically organic by nature, since metal or plastic would not be suiting to our way of digesting.

But for some reason a carrot with a stamp “Organic” is ten times more expensive than the other carrot, why? What is in the “not organic” Carrot, that it makes it so much cheaper? How is a carrot being raised, the Farmer plants the seed, water it and let it grow, in between he removes all other not wanted plants in between the carrots out and picks each bug from the plants by hand. For the so not organic called carrot, he does it similar, but just puts some chemicals on top, so no bugs and other plants can exist there. As we know from other occasions, everything what is made by hand, is expensive.  Since the “not organic” Farmer does not do so much by hand and need more work forces since machines can be used mostly, the carrot is cheaper, but is it really such a big gap of ten times differences on the price or even more?

Of course not, the Farmer gets the smallest share as usual, the middlemen are getting the most and the huge Supermarkets. I think the biggest earning the supermarkets received in Europe than in the year 2000 the Euro became the official currency and the prices have stayed the same, just the currency have changed, which meant for many to pay more than double the costs for the same product. After lots of protest after a few months the supermarkets returned to the lower prices, but did not return the money taken too much from the customers before of course. Something people  may have forgotten, that a currency change means for most of us, that the Company’s will make use of it and raise the prices, so beware of that Europe, if you want to go back to your old currency again!

Another point comes in, if we talk about organic food, there is no worldwide comparable definition and law, each country declares organic food different with different Labels and different ways to receive these Labels and the control mechanism are mostly just concentrated on the Farmer, but not what happens after that on the way to the Supermarket. Don’t you also wonder about the great quality and vegetable without any marks at all, that is super natural, don’t you think so? But it’s not just that the quality is great and so fresh no matter from where it is imported from, the amount of quantity of available organic food is enormous, as all Farmers in the world saw the sign, and decided to do only natural and organic agriculture production. Yes, I am sure they saw the sign, the Dollar sign. As Consumers we try always to figure out what is good for us, and who got family with small children is even more concerned and of course want to buy the best for his child or children, to avoid getting already with MSG or other ingredients stuffed, before they are seven years old, since after that children at the latest point, eat all food we did not give them than they are younger.

So we buy extra yoghurt, soap, powder Food, which is filled just with extra controlled and prepared ingredients and can be only good. In most cases the Baby Food has lesser Sodium, sugar or other ingredients we feel is not good for baby’s and kids, which is mainly true, but okay for us adults?  But if the kids grow up, they get at the end the same stuff with more Sugar and Sodium, and many don’t check the Label anymore at all, as longest it tastes good. In Restaurants or Food Chains, we do not check at all the Label or even try to figure out what ingredients are used, leaving the hygienic situation of the cook and the kitchen out now, we just want to feel it’s worth the price in an adequate quantity and taste and looks good, because if it looks good it’s eatable. So where is the critical Consumer?

The question popping up here is do we think adults should eat unhealthier than their kids? What is the use if the kids are well brought up and protected with lesser ingredients for double or three times of the price, and at the end we anyway give them all that crap food?

The simple reason why kids eat all the crap food later is not just with the parents, it’s the environment and marketing for this kind of Lifestyle, and if we always eat it as the persons the kids look up to, then of course they want to try it and eat like us.

In Asia and some other countries in the world they offer in the supermarket dirty Vegetables, means with the earth on them as they just been picked out from the garden, not washed, which should make people suggest, that they did not use any chemicals to clean it, which is understandable if you ever have tried to wash a carrot as clean as presented in the Supermarkets around the world just with your bare hands and Water. But is that really better, or did the producer of the carrot just want to save costs washing them, if you buy vegetable you have difficulty to figure out where it comes from, only if you are lucky the country of origin is labelled, but that could be also just the last station before the supermarket, as we know from other food scandals had happen, like the one in Europe with the Horse meat , which travelled via so many places, that even the NSA should have had a problem to locate the base of origin, and the scandal was that it was labelled as Beef instead of Horse meat in the Lasagna you could buy in the Freezer of the Supermarkets to heat up in the microwave. I would say we had worse scandals already; at least the meat was meat and not spoiled. What can you expect for 2.99 Euro?

But what to do, even the organic or baby Food is not always clear where it comes from and what is really in there, since we know that there are always food scandals and baby milk powder is also not always baby milk powder as the Chinese had to discover in one of the saddest scandals, which left many infants dead.

The fact is, that as more unnatural we Humans start to live and settled down, made animals stay with us, feed them to slaughter them later, or get their Milk or skin, plant vegetables and Cereal to always have enough food stored and available around us and invented better and better food conservation techniques, we started to live longer. It is not natural to always have food and Water always available just around the corner. Many of us would already have a problem today, if the super market is out of milk, how to survive? That is a crisis, who knows today how to get the milk by his or her own hand squeezed out of the cow and pasteurize it, to make it drinkable for us without modern machines, which most of us also do not know how to use. Most of us are with other words not capable to survive anymore on their own, if all of a the sudden the supplies stop. Money can’t buy you skills, talents and knowledge.

Since we started to live more and more comfortable, especially since the last hundred years we get much older than before, because we maybe do not realize that the average life expectancy was fifty five years hundred years ago, today it is by eighty six in average which means there is still space to extend. Because we left our Fire place heated Cave and moved into the central heated and Air-conditioned Apartment, with Fridge and electro Stove or Gas, paired with other inventions in medicine and clean environment and endless seeming Food Availability and choice, we live longer. So Artificial Living, did us Humans good, or?

The old people are younger sometimes like their children and healthier as well. In some Senior Residences they have even parent’s evenings. So seems like as longest we eat food, if its real food, we are much longer conserved for this planet, if this is good for the planet environment is another question. Medicine will forgive us our mistakes being unhealthy; since they will keep us going, till our Health Insurance or Credit card terminate service. So the termination date of your life is equal to your termination of credit line, of course depending on your living standard and adaptability.

So enjoy, eating whatever you assume is eatable for you, since this is also a personal and cultural opinion, what does not kill you right away, will not kill you at all, or much later. So don’t worry, that makes you only stressed and stress is bad for consumption.

You also should not think about the fact after having a great Dinner and could not finish everything since it was too much again, that 24 % of the people in the World go still hungry to bed every day. Just throw it again, since it’s sad, since it tasted so good, but you can’t change the world and stop hunger even if you eat it now.  So why the Headache, just continue and enjoy your life as usual, the problems of the world are far away from you and check the Food Labels on more important things like trans-fat and Sugar per mg!

Good, enough of this, it only creates now depressions we don’t want, we want happiness and fun, I will go and have some fatty unhealthy fast Food now, or slow food, not sure what is slow food actually, maybe it’s just slowly served fast food. Since no one has time in our world today for slow food or anything slow, what we really want in our fast world is something stable for some time, which we can hold onto. Let’s keep looking for that!


Can you imagine living without your smartphone? If we look back to the history of the Smartphone the first one was the Simon from Bellsouth and IBM in 1994 and later more known the huge Nokia Communicator, but the big breakthrough came with the IPhone from apple with his touchscreen and applications and services in 2007 paired with huge marketing activities. Before the smart phones, like the Blackberry, have been a status symbol for bankers and other financial industries mainly, and was used to read and write Emails from everywhere, even telephoning was still a function being used.
Since the year 2007 the world has changed, as the world always does, but the difference today is much greater on our social behavior than ever, because smart phones are not used anymore for telephoning, they are used for communication and playing, so they should actually been named smart communicators, so Nokia was right?
Today the people don’t call someone anymore, not even someone particular, they write via the applications they download and send pictures of themselves of what they eat or just do, so that the other people also have a copy, if it would not be enough to share your daily doing via the usual Social Media on the Internet. The Smart phones changed our Behavior on the internet rapidly, since we are now always and everywhere online. We communicate via Social Media while playing games and asking people to become our friend to reach the next Level or beg for Likes with our uploaded Images.
While we are online our real life is offline. We focus on this screen in front of us, and don’t look around us anymore and do not even realize what is happening around us.
A good example is that people in Restaurants, Cafes or Bars, sitting together eating and drinking, but don’t talk directly with each other, instead are busy with looking at their smart phones. I could one time be a witness of an incident I cannot forget. Four young people at around their mid-twenties sitting on the opposite table of me in a café, all looking on their smartphone screens and busy scrolling and typing, than all of a sudden one puts up his head looking and one of his fellows and says: ”I just send you a message.” The fellow friend the voice message was meant to be for, just put up his hand for confirming to receive the audio, without looking at the other friend.
Even in Subways you can hear at the Escalators in some City’s now a female voice saying: “Please mind you’re Step, don’t only look on your mobile phone.” This sentence speaks for itself and where we are going.
Are we losing our Socializing skills? Why do we go out with people or in Cafes and Bars, just to look on our Smartphone and talk via text messages or other Social Media with friends? We can also stay where we are, or?
The Technical advantages are great, if we use them for our benefit, but the question is with all the applications that help us remember things or do things, are we being used by our Technic and not the User anymore, or are we control by our own device?
The Smart Phones, Tablets and other devices help us being always connected everywhere and having no Wi-Fi or internet connection is like being homeless and not existing, because if you have today no Profile on any Social Media Forum, you are an outcast, since not only the young Generation using these devices only anymore, more and more old people have them.
Where ever you go today people are starring on their mobile devices and if an Alien Species wants to brainwash and enslave us, they just have to develop a simple application and connect with the smartphones around the world, so they have control of most of the Human Kind in an easy way. Maybe it already happens, but we just don’t realize it. Controlled by the Media of a shadow Government sounds a bit like out of a Dan Brown Novel, but he was maybe also right about Maria Magdalena, so who knows what else is coming for us.
Like that we miss out maybe the beautiful Females or Handsome men of our sitting there and we don’t talk to them and give our phone number to them. We may be missing already tons of chances since 2007.
Smartphones babysit, and show kids games, videos and more so that the parents have their peace, and the kids learn faster to spread the thumb-index finger, which is actually not a basic combination for us Humans by nature, before they are capable to learn to hold something between their thumb and index finger, which is a basic test for the development of infants, which will be executed at the pediatric around the world.
Kids get easy bored, because they do not know how to play by using their fantasy and imagination, since they only used to touch something which shows them how to play in only this way, with little options to press. But Imagination and fantasy are the things we need for coming forward. What would be our world been worth, if kids don’t dream anymore and we Humans stop to imagine a better world? Bye, Bye Innovation!
If you today sit in a train, bus or other public transportation and read a book, you will find hardly people like you, but you will find tons of people texting, watching Drama’s, or yes also answering Emails on their smart phone or huge easy to handle tablet. We forgot to do nothing sometimes, and enjoy the moment of just being, which helps our Cerebrum to get ideas and put things together to find the missing links in our Brain. To find a solution we are not able to find while we are working on it, but find it while we are day dreaming, doing something else or sleeping.
All the Stress we have in our modern world, is also part of using the technical development wrongly, because before a burnout was just, if you ate the night before too spicy at the Indian Restaurant, than you had next morning a burn out.
Maybe we should try to live one week without any connection somewhere far out, maybe we will realize how much beauty is around us, we seem to rather look at on a small screen, instead of seeing the whole View.