Artificial Life

Artificial Life

We love to live healthy and want our food to be organic, which is already not matching, since all our food should be basically organic by nature, since metal or plastic would not be suiting to our way of digesting.

But for some reason a carrot with a stamp “Organic” is ten times more expensive than the other carrot, why? What is in the “not organic” Carrot, that it makes it so much cheaper? How is a carrot being raised, the Farmer plants the seed, water it and let it grow, in between he removes all other not wanted plants in between the carrots out and picks each bug from the plants by hand. For the so not organic called carrot, he does it similar, but just puts some chemicals on top, so no bugs and other plants can exist there. As we know from other occasions, everything what is made by hand, is expensive.  Since the “not organic” Farmer does not do so much by hand and need more work forces since machines can be used mostly, the carrot is cheaper, but is it really such a big gap of ten times differences on the price or even more?

Of course not, the Farmer gets the smallest share as usual, the middlemen are getting the most and the huge Supermarkets. I think the biggest earning the supermarkets received in Europe than in the year 2000 the Euro became the official currency and the prices have stayed the same, just the currency have changed, which meant for many to pay more than double the costs for the same product. After lots of protest after a few months the supermarkets returned to the lower prices, but did not return the money taken too much from the customers before of course. Something people  may have forgotten, that a currency change means for most of us, that the Company’s will make use of it and raise the prices, so beware of that Europe, if you want to go back to your old currency again!

Another point comes in, if we talk about organic food, there is no worldwide comparable definition and law, each country declares organic food different with different Labels and different ways to receive these Labels and the control mechanism are mostly just concentrated on the Farmer, but not what happens after that on the way to the Supermarket. Don’t you also wonder about the great quality and vegetable without any marks at all, that is super natural, don’t you think so? But it’s not just that the quality is great and so fresh no matter from where it is imported from, the amount of quantity of available organic food is enormous, as all Farmers in the world saw the sign, and decided to do only natural and organic agriculture production. Yes, I am sure they saw the sign, the Dollar sign. As Consumers we try always to figure out what is good for us, and who got family with small children is even more concerned and of course want to buy the best for his child or children, to avoid getting already with MSG or other ingredients stuffed, before they are seven years old, since after that children at the latest point, eat all food we did not give them than they are younger.

So we buy extra yoghurt, soap, powder Food, which is filled just with extra controlled and prepared ingredients and can be only good. In most cases the Baby Food has lesser Sodium, sugar or other ingredients we feel is not good for baby’s and kids, which is mainly true, but okay for us adults?  But if the kids grow up, they get at the end the same stuff with more Sugar and Sodium, and many don’t check the Label anymore at all, as longest it tastes good. In Restaurants or Food Chains, we do not check at all the Label or even try to figure out what ingredients are used, leaving the hygienic situation of the cook and the kitchen out now, we just want to feel it’s worth the price in an adequate quantity and taste and looks good, because if it looks good it’s eatable. So where is the critical Consumer?

The question popping up here is do we think adults should eat unhealthier than their kids? What is the use if the kids are well brought up and protected with lesser ingredients for double or three times of the price, and at the end we anyway give them all that crap food?

The simple reason why kids eat all the crap food later is not just with the parents, it’s the environment and marketing for this kind of Lifestyle, and if we always eat it as the persons the kids look up to, then of course they want to try it and eat like us.

In Asia and some other countries in the world they offer in the supermarket dirty Vegetables, means with the earth on them as they just been picked out from the garden, not washed, which should make people suggest, that they did not use any chemicals to clean it, which is understandable if you ever have tried to wash a carrot as clean as presented in the Supermarkets around the world just with your bare hands and Water. But is that really better, or did the producer of the carrot just want to save costs washing them, if you buy vegetable you have difficulty to figure out where it comes from, only if you are lucky the country of origin is labelled, but that could be also just the last station before the supermarket, as we know from other food scandals had happen, like the one in Europe with the Horse meat , which travelled via so many places, that even the NSA should have had a problem to locate the base of origin, and the scandal was that it was labelled as Beef instead of Horse meat in the Lasagna you could buy in the Freezer of the Supermarkets to heat up in the microwave. I would say we had worse scandals already; at least the meat was meat and not spoiled. What can you expect for 2.99 Euro?

But what to do, even the organic or baby Food is not always clear where it comes from and what is really in there, since we know that there are always food scandals and baby milk powder is also not always baby milk powder as the Chinese had to discover in one of the saddest scandals, which left many infants dead.

The fact is, that as more unnatural we Humans start to live and settled down, made animals stay with us, feed them to slaughter them later, or get their Milk or skin, plant vegetables and Cereal to always have enough food stored and available around us and invented better and better food conservation techniques, we started to live longer. It is not natural to always have food and Water always available just around the corner. Many of us would already have a problem today, if the super market is out of milk, how to survive? That is a crisis, who knows today how to get the milk by his or her own hand squeezed out of the cow and pasteurize it, to make it drinkable for us without modern machines, which most of us also do not know how to use. Most of us are with other words not capable to survive anymore on their own, if all of a the sudden the supplies stop. Money can’t buy you skills, talents and knowledge.

Since we started to live more and more comfortable, especially since the last hundred years we get much older than before, because we maybe do not realize that the average life expectancy was fifty five years hundred years ago, today it is by eighty six in average which means there is still space to extend. Because we left our Fire place heated Cave and moved into the central heated and Air-conditioned Apartment, with Fridge and electro Stove or Gas, paired with other inventions in medicine and clean environment and endless seeming Food Availability and choice, we live longer. So Artificial Living, did us Humans good, or?

The old people are younger sometimes like their children and healthier as well. In some Senior Residences they have even parent’s evenings. So seems like as longest we eat food, if its real food, we are much longer conserved for this planet, if this is good for the planet environment is another question. Medicine will forgive us our mistakes being unhealthy; since they will keep us going, till our Health Insurance or Credit card terminate service. So the termination date of your life is equal to your termination of credit line, of course depending on your living standard and adaptability.

So enjoy, eating whatever you assume is eatable for you, since this is also a personal and cultural opinion, what does not kill you right away, will not kill you at all, or much later. So don’t worry, that makes you only stressed and stress is bad for consumption.

You also should not think about the fact after having a great Dinner and could not finish everything since it was too much again, that 24 % of the people in the World go still hungry to bed every day. Just throw it again, since it’s sad, since it tasted so good, but you can’t change the world and stop hunger even if you eat it now.  So why the Headache, just continue and enjoy your life as usual, the problems of the world are far away from you and check the Food Labels on more important things like trans-fat and Sugar per mg!

Good, enough of this, it only creates now depressions we don’t want, we want happiness and fun, I will go and have some fatty unhealthy fast Food now, or slow food, not sure what is slow food actually, maybe it’s just slowly served fast food. Since no one has time in our world today for slow food or anything slow, what we really want in our fast world is something stable for some time, which we can hold onto. Let’s keep looking for that!