The Restroom

The Restroom is according to dictionary a public toilet with a lot of traffic, and in the Philippines they call it comfort room which I believe suits it even better. Because the word toilet doesn’t really express the use of the room for most married or parents.
The Restroom is the comfort zone in which married man or parents can be by themselves and rest and be comfortably in peace. This is a holy place. No disturbance please.
But there are implications who are trying to disturb this holy zone, like female partners who believe that it is not necessary anymore to look the door, and even go that far that the sharing the room while one is sitting to brush the teeth at the same time. If you really believe that you get closer to each other in a relationship then you see and smell each other in such situations, please see a specialist!
We can do the doggy style together but not acting like dogs smelling each other at the buttocks. But I heard that there are people who like that kind of stuff, but more to that in a later article.
So one more time to the Ladies and Softies: Keep the lock for the Restroom if you want a harmonic Relationship! There are things which do not need to be shared with each other.
Parents can rescue themselves into the restroom, for some safety and peace of their offspring, which is knocking at the restroom door. But much better than sitting there and small eyes looking curious at you.
But there is another disturbance from the commercial site. Talking toilets, toilette paper with advertisements or poems or pictures and different structures. But it’s getting worse. Lately I had to stop at a Diner next to the Highway and went to the restroom. To enter I had to pay, okay bad enough, but when I arrived in the male restroom and got in position and my mind and body got ready for releasing all the pressure to reach the total relaxation comfort feeling; someone started talking to me. A female voice underlined with waterfall music saying via a speaker somewhere close to my ear: “Welcome at ….. Your friendly toilet, who gives you clean comfort in a unforgettable environment for the special moment.” Okay…All comfort in me was gone. If there is a place and moment you don’t want to talk or being talked to its there. There are some things and businesses who do not need to invest in Marketing Campaigns, a Restroom Facility is one of them. They should change that. How about a social media shit storm on the Marketing Restroom facilities? To add oil into this, the same female voice spoke to me again, when I wanted to leave the Restroom and said: “Thank you for visiting our Toilette Facility, we hope to see you soon again!”
Are there also cameras? Are that not just sensors? I don’t want to be seen in the Restroom. I just ask myself what comes next.
The Restroom Attendant will great you with a handshake and guide you to the point of destination, helps to hold it for you or wipes you after? I think hanging advertisements in Restrooms are okay for me, something to read or look at if you have the tunnel view. But no more. No music, no attendance waiting for you with a towel or anything else and especially don’t talk to me. The Restroom should be the silent Restroom like a small chapel just more private. The last place on earth to be for yourself. It needs to be protected and be written in the Code of Conduct with a worldwide scope.
By the way which Product, Brand and company wants to be doing advertisement in this environment?
Rescue the Restroom privacy. Anyway there is nothing nice to listen or see.