Equal Rights for Women?!

Since the change of the 19th century women fight for equal rights with the men, and compare to these times with today they really achieved a lot, with every new Generation women are having not just equal rights with the men, they also have more benefits and rights then the men. Women get Discount on Drinks, Entrance Fees, a quota for how many women have to be on the board of a company and have a woman as representative to watch that their right being not abused. Dirty Peter says yes, more woman on Top position.
Why did it come to this, men who behave like men are getting punished and a woman have to be taken instead of a man for a job, because she is a woman. What about qualification? Do women really want to be taken a position just because law says so? Now it’s time for a woman in this position and that’s why you get it and the men are out. Equal means fair in my eyes and that also means that not the Gender is the reason to be in a particular position, even while sexual intercourse we change the position towards our ability and likes, so what is the issue with these special treatments for women? There is everywhere Ladies Nights, with free or discounted Drinks for women. If men get pissed it’s already nothing nice to look at, but if women getting drunk, it is even worse, and you can only make sure that you are fast enough out of reach, before they grab you. Men are hunter by nature but there they are the hunted, but compare to men who hunts alone or maybe with a friend who in most cases will be left alone if one succeed, women hunt in packs, in Lady Packs. Lady Packs on Lady Nights in bars with free drinks are the pure horror to watch, because with every glass of wine or cocktail the Ladies get more ambitioned and start to tease the men, who have to pay for their drink. Here a typical situation on a Ladies Night, five Ladies go together drinking and chatting and giggling with every glass more, like some herd of wild chicken. Still some brave men approach them, if not alone men come with one or two more friends, here now two brave guys approaching the group of wild Ladies, already knowing to be outnumbered they are going to battle, and it will be one, because the Ladies are up to have fun, which is not the same as having fun for men. They just want to drink, dance, and tease some men without having sexual intercourse, that’s why they are in the group of five to make sure everyone comes home safely while drunk like ten Russians. The two guys approach and the Ladies welcome them and chat with them all kind of stuff, if it comes to drinks now the big change is coming; the two guys make the mistake you should not do on a Ladies Night, offer the Ladies to buy them something to drink. Guys, the Ladies drink for free, why to change it, you will not get into their pants tonight without knocking out all her other four friends, and no also all five you cannot take home, that is unlikely and pure stress, having a bunch of drunken girls at your place, that’s like babysitting a bunch of small children, and if you think you secured one, the other ones doing some rubbish already again. Plus to be mention the physical ability needed to wipe away all the vomit after they got one after the other Sea sick in your Bedroom.
But back to the drinks! Don’t offer to buy them drinks then they are free, since to be Gentlemen and get laid on an over day after exchanging telephone numbers, it will not change anything, just be nice and show a particular Lady that she is in your eyes tonight more special than the others, and hope it works, but more to this in a other chapter. Don’t be more drunk than the Ladies, or it will be a night you won’t remember. Always keep in your mind that this is not the time to attack, next time or after 100 Days in some areas or in bad cases after wedding, but this is the worst thing you can do, it’s like buying a car without test drive, but at this point some ladies would say: “Hey, not everyone can drive a Ferrari but everyone would like to have one.” Here I would point out that this is in some way true, even if I prefer to have a Porsche than a Ferrari, but that’s a point of personal likes. But I talk about the General Automobile market, and there it’s all about price, Horsepower, comfort and extras, like choosing an average Lady.
Secondly I would like to say that the Group of Ladies always works a similar way, one looks more attractive than the other, but only for a reason, the main Girl who looks so shiny in the Group, looks only so attractive cause she surrounds herself with female friends who are less attractive and do not steal her the show. So each Lady in the group is a downgrade of the leading one who alone is not that attractive, to keep the example in the automobile industry; many people buy a small car and they buy a Porsche, BMW or Mercedes Key Chain or put a Sticker on the Car, but that does not make out of a Volvo a Porsche. Same for the Ladies here, just having the same dress like Jennifer Lopez, does not mean that it looks as good on you or make you similar attractive.

That is so unfair again that actually it is time for the men to go and protest and fight for their rights now. Men should claim for a Quota that minimum forty percent of drunk on a Ladies night should be male; I believe that this is an achievable target from male perspective.
From my humble point of view are most Female activist today use the Equal rights and hitting on men for everything what is not going fine in this world, became an excuse for their existence and that they mostly have no man themselves, and if they have, poor guy. Most of the Female Activists are also in most cases not the most attractive Females and refused to wear Bra’s, since they believe that this is against the freedom of women. But what their freedom does to the environment around them is torture and creates nightmares.
Anyway, why do women want to be equal to men, if men are in their eyes all as bad as they say? Why become the same Level, rather stay on this higher moral Level as a woman, or not? Why to downgrade, upgrading is what is wanted today.
Some Female Activist just are too extreme for my taste, and it seems to me that they just ask for things, because the men have it to, like the other Friend of her got a new Hand Bag or Diamond Ring with 2 Carat, so she also have to have one or better or bigger. That’s kind of childish, because it is a fact that many jobs or rights fought through are hardly been used by women, most of the women still rather go for what they usually used to go for if it comes to jobs and also interest. Yes, women should have the same rights and possibility’s like every Human to do what they want to do, but the truth is that it’s like Kindergarten educator are still mostly women and if a man appears in the Kindergarten and is not super Handsome, he will be watched carefully by Female and Male parents, since there must be something wrong with this Guy.
Women do not have to fear that for taking any job, but men will be looked up and down if they take a job which is usually a Female Job in our Society mind. Is that not discrimination?
Men always welcome women in an old male dominated environment and are always willing to help and educate them with all their heart.
It all comes to the point that men have to watch that they keep their position or will be removed at some point. Jobs in the Future will be anyway done more and more by machines as we can see already, that trains in the subway do not need a Driver anymore, and in the Library you have no Lady with a Date Stamp closes the Book and gives with a short smile to you back and if you bring it back a few weeks later the same procedure. Now you have to hold the book like in the supermarket already over a Scanner and that’s it. No Human anymore. If we have Robots to send out to handle all the daily Stuff for us, while we have no job anymore cause we are not needed and these Androids become more and more Human, just better, You should not wonder coming one time Home, while the Robot is holding hand with your Wife and she is just saying to you: ”I always wanted to tell you, but he can do everything better with you and does not need a break in between, so you are not needed here anymore.”
We men should fight for our Rights, and fight the beginning of this movement, before we are all of a sudden not needed anymore!
But seriously what did the Equal Rights bring to women more, instead of having equal rights, women have actually more burden via the continuously work of the professional female activist.
Why do I say that, because today much more is asked from a woman today than before? The Woman today, has to have a good Education, Bachelor and better Master university Degree, make career (Management) and be independent, driving a car, marry before thirty years old, take care of Husband, Household, give birth to at least 1.3 Children, raise them and work at the same time, be always in Good Shape even after ABB (After Baby Body) and do not Age.
Wow, that is really amazing. Especially that there are people, even women, who are expecting that this is to be handled by the modern independent women, the starting till education you can discuss about, sure everyone should do as good and as much he can for more choices or to do later what he or she wants, but does really everyone need a master degree or university degree, or have to be in Management? No one seems to be interested to be just Clerk and live a peaceful live, everyone wants to be Boss and make him or herself stress, question is, if everyone is the Boss by title at least and the Company is full of Executives or Vice Presidents for Facility Management, even the Bus Driver is not a Bus driver anymore, he is now Bus Captain, the title may has changed, the work hasn’t.
In my research I found some people who make money with something so natural which gives so much of pressure to women. We expect that women are looking after giving birth to a Human Life, which is already a great job, which we should just bow in front of these women with deep respect, but what does our Society expect? We expect that the woman after giving Birth gets rid of her After Baby Body and looks like an underwear Model, even if she hasn’t looked like that before and that she is MILF, means Mom I like to fuck, right after giving birth.
First of all I hardly know any women after giving birth, who cannot think of something else than having sexual intercourse with the husband or anyone in this universe. Secondly these Terms (After Baby Body and MILF) are not inventions of me, that are terms from people who offer for money gymnastic Interactions, so that women look after that again as they never had a baby, which is from biological point of view a very interesting promise and of course that the participating woman cannot wait to jump on her husband or whoever is currently the one to receive this physical excitement. I think it’s very interesting that they advertise with the insult to all of the women who had just a Baby, that they look fat and ugly. Women who still go for that kind of marketing cannot ask to be called intelligent. Here some free Ideas how to get your body or better skin back in Shape: Do some Baby Yoga, together with your Baby, because, if you have finally time, means your baby is sleeping, you will be still busy for the next round preparing then the little one awake again, so best thing is to involve the baby, so you both can do something together and its good for you as well.
Next thing to strengthen your Skin after breastfeeding, while having a shower change the temperature from hot to cold and massage your skin and body like that, this will help in normal situations after giving birth. In other cases and if you are too unhappy consult your doctor!
Instead of being equal to men, women actually have today more burden than before, because they can maybe do all jobs and work and make career as much is possible, but they still have the old things to do as well. So to reach more equality towards men, would mean that women, can also come home from work, throw their stuff in the corner, put their hand in the panty and turn on the TV and ask for the Beer and food, while the husband is busy changing the Diaper and preparing Dinner, Ironing her Shirts and getting frustrated. Maybe this kind of change of duties, every second day as a start would maybe be than fair and reaches soon more understanding or fighting for more days, being not the one to do all the housework and taking care of the Offspring.
But I am sure, before that happens, the men will invent a Robot who will make it possible that men and women can be freely equal, so that both can come home put one hand in their panty at the same time in different rooms and watch their favorite TV Program, while the Robot prepares the five Star menu and reading a story to the offspring.
That would be the next step of comfort many Parents are longing for, and if they feel like spending time with the kids, they just play with them and take care of the nice points of having children.
In a way understandable for people raising children, but also at some point we will miss out and forget what it means and how to take care of children, or not?

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