How big should he be and why do we care?

Men are very concerned about the length of their penis; women on the other side hardly compare the depth or size of their vagina, but the size of their breasts, but not as much as men.
So what can men do to enlarge their Penis to feel more comfortable with them and their best piece? They also can do Surgeries there they can gain 2 centimeter in not erected state. Actually the enlargement is not an actual enlargement since just the suspension is been cut so that it dangles further down. It was always there just hidden a bit, like most things of a man. Other options with some mechanical instruments has not stand any scientifically test and so far has not created any enlargement in pulling the little one like on a stretch bank. Also Crèmes do not create any enlargement like crèmes do not erase any wrinkles of the Skin, dearest ladies, anyway if I say it or not women will still use crèmes and men will still try to enlarge their phallus. There is more behind then just the simple comparing between men and be the strongest and the biggest “ARRRGHH, ARRRGHH!” A study showed that after patients woke up out of coma and been told they had a bad accident, women asked after their Husband, Kids and so on, while men fist checked how their Phallus is, and if he is still there and greeting them, they already more relaxed. The Phallus of a man is what defines him as one and the reason of his existents. He is the one who helps mankind to continue with his Phallus, without Phallus he is just like a Management Consultants, Eunuchs, they know how to do it……
What is a woman without Breast, but at least still have a vagina? She is still functional, and there a quite a few existing. Some bad men call them Nipple boards, but a man without his Phallus is useless, maybe useable to carry the heavy shopping bags or for a difficult to open glass or bottle. Also which woman seriously wants a man without Balls and a Phallus? If so they can also have another woman to talk to.
So we know now that the Phallus defines the man, but what is about the size, how important is that. Most men would enlarge their Phallus if they could, no matter which size they have, but is bigger or longer really better? The Fact is that the average male Phallus of a human is 7.5 centimeter long while not erected and 15 centimeters in erected status and can reach in most cases up to 20 centimeters erected if well stimulated. If the women are asked if they are satisfied with the size of their partners Phallus, they answered that they are, still men are keen to have a big one, that’s why Clothes and especially condoms should be only sold in the sizes who are excepted by men, that would be; Huge, Wow and Unbelievable and the Ego of a man is satisfied. Seriously, which guy would buy in Seven Eleven a condom which is in Size S?
So Ladies, if you want to have a happy male partner, next time when you two or three or how many you usually are in the private moment, tell him that his one is the biggest and you like to feel his Big one in you. Trust me he will jump for joy and he will do the Dishes even for a week.
Yes, men can be so simply made happy, it’s the same with you ladies, just a nice kind word at the right moment and you blossom as well.
But like for you Ladies, don’t overdo it cause men are very sensitive about this point and if they feel you don’t mean it or joke around and you had it then.
So but what is the right size, is average good enough? It depends also of the women, some petit women, would have pain if he is too long for them, even if his one is average Size. He is too long for her if you hear from her:”Autsch”! To make a woman feel good it is not just the length it’s also the thickness, and this also again depends on the women’s Anatomy, if she is more tight, she needs a thinner one and its fine, if she is more wider down there, she needs a hammer. It’s no use if you put a thin chopstick in the vagina of a woman does not stimulate her enough, and the man as well.
So length is not the main point, also not just the Phallus. Women are emotional and need to be stimulated mentally and physically and not just Mouth, breasts, Vagina. For a Fumble okay, but the most important organ to stimulate for a women is between her ears. If you as a man are unsure of your Equipment, stimulate her first with other ways, and she will not feel that anything is missing.
A Great Phallus does not generate an orgasm for a woman. A women does not always have an orgasm, that’s normal, so no worry, but if she wants had one, check the position remember what you did and when you did it and make notes, because her body does that as well. Most women get the orgasm in the same position as they got it before; because that is the position and comfort she can get it. Don’t lose it! If you can manage that you will be the King and she will praise you forever.
Women wonder sometimes what does a men attract more nice rack or a nice ass. To make it short and simple, Breasts or Ass does not matter as longest the man has something to hold onto. Men are like babies, always need to touch and grab something, as longest is soft, squeezable, pull able, bitable or likable. Men are just big babies who love to play. So let them! They just want to play. It does not matter what you can offer, as longest he can play with it and you let him, more does a man not need, compare to a woman is a man very easy to satisfy. The women can relax and lay down as usual and let him do the action, he will after that be finished and tired and fall asleep, while you can do read your magazines in peace or watch your favorite soap without comments from the side, like: ‘Why again Cancer? How come he heals so fast after he was already dead?” They all have no problems and seems like don’t need to work” and so on.

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