Stories of friends….

The Shower

A friend of mine, and I would like to point out here clearly, this is a story which happen to a friend of mine and not me. I have not been involved in this at all personally, also not in similar kind of situation.

My friend was invited as best man to the wedding of a friend of mine in the Unites States, so he was hanging around with two of the Bride Maids in a Hotel Room, then they ask me, him: “Would you like to have a shower together?”

My friend agreed without hesitation, cause these two American girls been really hot. So, he went to the shower room, prepared everything for a smooth processing of the shower act for three people. He removed his clothes put a Towel around his waist and turned on the water. Then the water temperature reached the perfect temperature he went with his towel around his waist back to the Ladies and said happily:” The Water temperature is perfect, let’s go!”

The two ladies looked quite stunned at him. He asked them with a puzzled look in his face: “I thought we wanted to have a shower together?”

The two Bride Maids start laughing at him and said: “We asked you if you want to have a shot together, what did you hear?”

Quite embarrassing for my friend. Which shows again, if it comes to men and women the standards and expectations are far different and lead to misunderstandings, based on wishful thinking and boring reality.

Salmon on the Table

Long time ago we have been invited to a birthday party of a girl, and it was great. It happens to me that the birthday girl had a crush on my friend and so she used the camouflage and distraction of the party environment to sneak away with him. The other  of us didn’t really notice their absence, till a door open and our not really missing friend came out and some female voice was headed out of the room with the words: ”Why don’t you stay a bit more and cuddle a bit!” Which our friend loudly responded with: “But I have to tell the guys what gorgeous stuff we did.” He turned closed the door and came to us with a bright satisfied smile to us. Something seemed to hit the door heavily, like a pillow thrown with anger from inside the room, but cannot been said for sure. Our friend to us in the kitchen of the birthday Girls house and 8 more party guests, what he has been doing while we enjoyed the public party and told us about his private party arrangements with the Birthday Girl. We been skeptical and wanted some proof of him, so we asked him to put his salmon on the table.

The whole Party Crowd was shouting: “Salmon on the table! Salmon on the table!” Our friend started slowly to prepare a tissue on the edge of the kitchen table, while the crowd cheered more and grow bigger. Then with a confident smile he opened his pant and put his salmon on the prepared tissue as evidence for his story. We all cheered, and we started under the ACDC Song, she shook me all night long, to play the game kill the table. The Game goes like that: You dance with many people as possible till the table gives up and is dead.

You asking for the Birthday Girl? We have not seen her the rest of the party, and for some reason none of us ever have been invited since by her. I personally believe it was cause of the Kitchen table. Anyway, was still a memorable time of our student time.

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