Shape Control via Beer

No this is not a Beer Diet Article. This Article is about the old, always repeating problem after drinking a few Beer, and then women appearing in front of you, either a few meters away from you or right next to you, be very careful with these ones, they want something for sure.

But how to make sure the woman you target, or targets you is the right one or wrong one, simply to say if she has a good or bad shape while your vision is not aware of the reality anymore, you will get to know now an emergency aid, which works under the influence of alcohol and is always available in these moments. The Beer Bottle.

Many women do not understand why their man prefers to have a bottle of beer over them. It is simply because the beer bottle got a better shape.
What you need: First of all have a beer bottle in front of you, have at least two meter distance to the targeted lady. Get the Beer bottle exactly overlapped with the lady, target with one eye closed, put your tongue out for more accuracy while targeting like with a rifle, she fits into the bottle, perfect. Get your Genie with the bottle.

If you have too much difficulty to get the Lady exactly overlapped with the beer bottle, the reason could be that you are too close, you are too full already, she is moving too much and you hardly can follow her with the bottle (in most cases check your own movement and equal it by the volume of alcohol you drank so far, the result is clear, it’s not her, it’s you. Try to hold with two hands!), she is not fitting in the bottle shape no matter how hard you try? (Check the Beer bottle shape, do you have not just the beer you like, also the shape you like?)
If you need to get a much bigger bottle and she fits well in, your choice.

If you are a fan of beer with a short neck and a huge bottom, here we go, if you like beer bottles with a long neck and slim body, nice.
If you usually drink out of a barrel, forget it!
Please remember, don’t use a glass or barrel!

So start already your first drink with the shape you want to go for tonight, to avoid surprises with unwanted shape shifters!

Lately I had some Crisps with a beer flavor from a brand I like to drink, but not really tasted like that, more like BBQ flavor. I just wonder then the first condoms will come out with my favorite beer flavor, but actually no use, since I am not gay. So if there are nay condom or beer producers out there to get them into the market with a beer flavor, take some women beer, so the lady’s will also enjoy it!
I hope this little article got you some aid tool along for the next party or bar night, if you drink with your favorite beer bottle shape and the woman in front of you seems like not want to fit in, it’s your wife and you drank at home!